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    Chauvin Foreign Body Remover

    • Removes foreign bodies by approaching obstructions from BEHIND
    • Elevates objects stuck to the ear canal wall
    • Removes cerumen
    Item Number: 4860-CFBR-00
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    • Dislodges and removes PE tubes from the tympanic membrane
    • Removes foreign bodies by approaching obstructions from BEHIND
    • Elevates objects stuck to the ear canal wall
    • Ideal for pedatric foreign body removal from ear canals
    • Acts as a Buck Ear Curette with an adjustable approach angle
    • Mimics functionally to a Rosen Ear Pick without the dangers of a pointed tip
    • Removes cerumen
    • Purchase includes free children's book Don’t Stick Sticks Up Your Nose! Don’t Stuff Stuff In Your Ears! 
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    • 5 3/4" overall length

    Chauvin Foreign Body Remover Video


    Testimonials for the Chauvin Foreign Body Remover

    A Recent Discovery Made Regarding the Chauvin Foreign Body Remover (CFBR)

    The CFBR was used in the removal of a NON-GRASPABLE, uniquely shaped piece of metal from a child's ear.

    Standard alligator forceps and cupped alligator forceps were not able to grab the obstruction because of the metal piece's uniquely curved shape. The CFBR was used to approach the obstruction from behind and dislodge it from the posterior aspect of the ear canal, moving it away from the ear drum. Once the obstruction was dislodged and moved away from the ear drum, the posterior aspect of the metal piece was now in view and a non-curved edge became visible. Alligator forceps were then used to grab the newly exposed portion of the obstruction and easily removed it from the ear canal.

    In the case of a non-graspable obstruction, flushing would normally be thought of as a possible method of obstruction removal; however, this child had PE tubes installed in their ear drum. Because of the presence of the PE tube, flushing was not advised due to increased risk of the flushing fluid carrying bacteria and other debris from the ear canal into the the middle ear space through the PE tube, which could result in an increased chance of ear infection. Flushing would also cause the patient a high level of discomfort and pain. In this case the use of the CFBR was the most optimum method of obstruction removal, was very easy to use, and left the patient pain free throughout the removal process. When treating children, avoiding pain and discomfort is of much higher importance than in adults due to their lower ability to remain cooperative during the painful experience.

    This new realization that the presence of PE tubes in the ear drum makes flushing an undesirable method of obstruction removal highlights the importance of having an alternative, and in this case superior, method of non-graspable obstruction removal!

    Bradley Chauvin - Inventor of the CFBR

    Orbeez Ball Removal from Child's Ear Canal in Only 30 Seconds!

    This week my mom (pediatric ENT Kathy L. Chauvin, MD) used the CFBR to remove an Orbeez ball (picture below) from a child's ear.

    By the time the child made it to my mom's office her ear canal was all beat up from failed attempts to remove the obstruction by other medical professionals (the child had a visible hematoma from the failed attempts). The child also needed to be put under general anesthesia to allow my mother proper access to the ear canal. The Orbeez ball filled up the posterior ear canal and was resting on the ear drum. Not only is the Orbeez ball circular (other tools cannot grab and remove circular objects), but flushing was not an option either because of the unique nature of the Orbeez ball.

    Orbeez, if you have not seen them before, are kids "toys" that start as tiny beads. When you put the beads in water, they absorb the water and grow into larger balls (as seen in the photo below). When flushing was attempted the Orbeez ball simply absorbed the fluid and grew larger, causing it to become more secured to the ear canal!

    My mom removed the Orbeez ball with the Chauvin Foreign Body Remover (CFBR) in 30 seconds.

    If the CFBR was used by emergency personal to begin with, the thousands of dollars spent on multiple hospital visits, physician time, a surgery room, and general anesthesia could have been saved in a matter of 30 seconds. Also the child would have suffered much much less!

    Bradley Chauvin - Inventor of the CFBR