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    Micro Oscillating Saw Blades

    • Thin blade can achieve very delicate cuts
    • Medium & large sizes are ventilated
    • 6 blades per package
    • Oscillating saw blades compatible with RM-5090 handpiece (sold separately)
    • Saw blades available in 4 sizes and two shank lengths
    • Thin blades can achieve very delicate cuts
    • Medium and large blades are ventilated to keep frictional resistance and heat to a minimum
    • 6 saw blades per package

    Available Oscillating Saw Blade Sizes
    Short Shank (33mm)

    • 6mm Saw Blade (Item No. RM-5093)
    • 10mm Saw Blade (Item No. RM-5094)
    • 15mm Saw Blade (Item No. RM-5095)

    Long Shank (45mm)

    • 5mm Saw Blade (Item No. RM-5099)
    • 6mm Saw Blade (Item No. RM-5096)
    • 10mm Saw Blade (Item No. RM-5097)
    • 15mm Saw Blade (Item No. RM-5098)

    NOTE: RM-5090 Micro Oscillating Saw Blade Handpiece sold separately.

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