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Post Laser Recovery Kit

Item Number: GP-PLRK

Formulated with high concentrations of Alpha, Beta Hydroxy Acids. This kit is designed to protect and heal the skin in half the time as other existing treatments following laser resurfacing. The Recovery Balm protects skin during the healing process. The Rinseable Azulene Cleanser is used daily following laser procedures to keep skin moist. Amino-Plex stimulates collagen formation for healing wounds, building cells and repairing tissue.

Post Laser Recovery Kit Features
  • Includes 2oz. Protective Recovery Balm, 2oz. Rinseable Azulene Cleanser and 1oz. AminO2
  • The Recovery Balm protects skin during the healing process
  • Rinseable Azulene Cleanser is for daily use following laser procedure to keep skin moist
  • AminO2 increases oxygen, nourishes cells in lower skin layers and improves skin texture while reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Rinseable Azulene Cleanser
A unique cleansing oil that is water soluble and rinses clean without leaving a residue. This cleanser is used daily immediately following laser procedures. It is designed to help remove the Protective Recovery Balm, while keeping the skin moist. It can be used 3-6 times per day or as needed, especially when the skin is weeping, to keep the skin clean and free of crusts.

Medical research has shown Amino-Plex and oxygen are essential for cellular life. Amino2 increases oxygen and nourishes cells in lower skin layers, hydrates and enhances nutrients in skin, and improves skin texture while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Amino2 will leave skin balanced, youthful, resilient, luminous and revitalized.

Potective Recovery Balm
Used immediately post laser after Amino2 Spray. This post laser ointment helps keep the skin hydrated and protected during the healing process. The Protective Recovery Balm is a light ointment that was designed to be easily removed with the Rinseable Azulene Cleanser. The balm melts on contact with the skin allowing for easy application without rubbing.

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